Renovations to Increase the Home’s Value

luxury home renovation bedroom

If this is your first home, you are likely planning to sell your home sometime in the future you are going to want to increase the value of your home, so you get more money from the sale and to make it sell quicker. The problem is that despite what you may think, not all home renovation and improvements add value to your home. This means that you really need to know where you should be investing your money to get the most out of your investment. If you are considering selling your home at any point, you need to know which renovations increase the value of your home.

High-End Renovations and Remodeling

There are certain rooms in the home where you can spend your money and get a decent return on your investment. The biggest ones are the bathroom and the kitchen. People want spacious kitchens that offer them function and luxury. They want bathrooms that do not look outdated and provide storage and function. Here at Luxor Development, our work is high-end renovations and remodeling services, kitchen and bathroom designs, and home additions. We are a top class custom home builders in the Toronto area! We can help you create a space that will appeal to you now as well as increase the value of your home.

Another thing that can contribute to increasing the value of your home is quality flooring, such as wood flooring. Some estimates say that you are going to get a 91% return on your flooring investment if you invest in quality hardwood flooring. Some of the home renovation services that we offer include tiling, wallpaper, drywall, painting, and flooring allowing us to help you with your flooring needs but various other aspects that you may want to be done in the space.

Award-Winning Home Design

Adding onto the space could be a good idea, depending on how much space you are adding onto and what type of space it is. You do have to be careful with this because depending on the room, you may or may not get a return on your investment. Something like an extra bathroom or another bedroom could be hit or miss. However, it may be a wise investment to add on additional space to make your kitchen or your living room a little bigger. If you are interested about this, you can get a free design consultation with one of our award-winning design team members.

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