Measurements and Area Drawings

1. Planning

We begin our process with a meeting between you, and our in-home design teams to determine your project goals, wants and needs. We’ll sit down and discuss how you want to see your home renovation, addition or remodel, while taking into account other important aspects such as your family, daily life, ideas and style.

Upon finishing our interview, we will take this knowledge back to the drawing board and create a number of preliminary sketches, models and architectural drawings. Right off the bat, we want you to be able to visualize your finished project, so that you can have as complete an idea of the design, costs and time required as possible. Luxor Development strives to maintain an effective and efficient process, maintain deadline dates and budgets.

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2.Budgeting and Design Approval

We’ll review your plans with you, adding, taking away, budgeting and strategizing to make the most out of your project. During this time, we’ll try to work with you as closely as possible to find the most effective solutions for your design needs. Our planning contractors will develop concepts, identify major permit and bylaw issues, and adjust the design according to your feedback.

We revise our design based on function, budget and aesthetic, continuously collaborating on the floor plan, interior design, materials and products. In the end, we hope to have a thoroughly planned concept for approval by both sides.

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3.Zoning, Review and Fixed Price Quote

If need be, we’ll take care of all legal aspects of your project. Upon agreement, your project outline will be sent to the city for review and your plans will be tested for compliance. We’ll also send out the project to our teams of suppliers and trades, to get accurate price estimates for materials and contracting. This way, we’ll be able to provide you with our fixed-price guaranteed quote. This fixed price quote will not be changed, altered or adjusted, and is a final and accurate cost summary of your project.

If all goes well, the project will get the green light and we’ll be able to start building as quickly as possible.

Construction Management


When you’re 100% happy with the designs, we’ve received the building permit, the budget has been approved, and all our plans have received the go-ahead from the city, we’ll sign a construction agreement and set a start date for the project.

The most exciting portion for our customers is the start of construction, during which they have the opportunity to see their project as it is completed. As we build, we’ll keep you updated on any adjustments or issues, and answer any questions you may have. You can sit back, knowing that our contractors are working professionally and sticking to the timeline and completion date.

By fully understanding your requirements from the very beginning, we ensure your complete satisfaction with the end result. For this reason, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction, and custom tailor every aspect of the building process to your needs.

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5.Post-Construction Work

What makes us different is our commitment to our customers. We strive to provide you with the best service possible, which is why we always ensure that your home is spotless upon finishing construction, that we’ve done all work to their fullest, and that any of your concerns are addressed promptly. We work hard so you can enjoy your home renovation or home addition for years to come, which is why we will be with you every step of the way, from design to the final trim. You can count on Luxor Development to provide you with consistently exemplary work in all aspects of home improvement.