Our Warranty

A flexible, transferrable 7-year warranty on all Luxor Development work.

Luxor Development is committed to the highest quality renovations, home additions and remodels. We are utterly dedicated to quality, and to producing works of the highest levels of workmanship and customer service. As we stand by our work completely, we are prepared to offer all customer our complete, 7-year warranty on any work. Whether you are renovating, constructing an addition or simply remodeling an interior, all of our company’s work is completely covered for problems, issues and maintenance. We offer complete support beyond your finished product, thereby insisting on the highest quality of work.

Our Guarantee

A fixed-price, and not a cent more.

In order to gain our customer’s complete trust, we offer one of the only fixed price guarantees in the industry. This means that we provide you with a cost estimate on all work: renovation, remodel or addition, which takes into account all work, materials and services. This way, you can be confident that the quotes price will be exactly the cost of your project, hidden fees, no sudden costs, no surprises.

To take this a step further, Luxor Development offers our customers a no-surprises guarantee. This means that any problems, issues, damages or sudden costs are not on you, they’re our responsibility. Our No-Surprised Guarantee ensures that your project will be finished on-time, on-budget and to your complete satisfaction. That’s our Luxor Guarantee.

Flexible Financing

You don’t need to pay for our services up front. Luxor Development wants to work with you, taking into account your budget needs and limitations. For this reason, we offer flexible financing over a fixed period of time, of up to a maximum of 32 months. Pay how much you want, over a period of time, and finance a renovation that counts.

Contact our customer service representatives for more information about our Flexible Financing program, and allow us to help you make your dream renovation a reality.