4 Mistakes Commonly Made When Renovating

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Now that you have made the decision to renovation your home, you realize that there are a lot of things to consider. It can be very overwhelming but if you have the right team on your side, this process will go a lot smoother. Still, there are a lot of mistakes that you can make during the planning and design process that are very common. When you have a team like ours, who provides home design and build, renovations, additions, and general contracting services in the Greater Toronto Area, and free project quote, you know you are in the right hands.

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Home Renovation – Materials

One of the biggest mistakes is buying cheap materials. Home renovations and improvements can be expensive so you may be tempted to save everywhere that you can. The problem is that the cheapest materials are not always the best ones. While you can get deals on high-end materials, you will more often than not get exactly what you pay for. This will affect the quality of work and should be avoided at all costs. We work with our clients through each step of the building and renovation so you know exactly what we are using, which are high-end products and offer you an extended 7-year warranty.

Renovation Lighting

Home Renovation – Lighting

Another big mistake is not taking in consideration the lighting of the space, especially the natural lighting. This can change the overall feel in the space and make it look unappealing. You are going to be paying a lot for this renovation so you need to make sure that you take advantage of the natural lighting in the space or add more if you need to. You should also be sure to add lighting fixtures that are going to enhance the space with classic beauty and adequate lighting.


Home Renovation – Trendiness

A common huge mistake is that people are trying too hard to be on trend. Trendiness is a great idea for your wardrobe but it is not a great idea for your remodel. Trends are always changing and if you choose your design scheme solely on something that is hot right now, you are going to be disappointed when the trend changes. It is important to pick classic looks for the expensive pieces in the space and you can add the trendiness when it comes to the paint on the walls or the décor that you put up. These are inexpensive changes that you can make later on as the trends change.

Renovations without Mistakes

At Luxor Development, our work is high-end renovations and remodeling services, kitchen and bathroom designs, and home additions. Top custom home builders in the Toronto area! We take care of everything for you and work closely with you so that you get everything that you want from this project. We want to give you the home you want so you no longer have to settle for anything less. Renovations are a great investment in your home, which is especially important if you want to sell your home down the line.