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Building On What You Have

If you need extra space in your home and you enjoy living in your current area there is no need to move away. With Luxor Development Group Inc. at your side, you can add that extra bedroom, garage, or attic that you desire, or create an extended space for your kitchen and living room. Home additions are also an excellent way to raise your property value, meaning your investment will pay out in the long run as well. We are one of the leading general contractors in the GTA, and our amazing Google, Houzz, and TrustedPros reviews from our satisfied customers are there to back up that claim! Read on to learn about our services and some of the options available to you.

Second Floor Additions

Second floor home additions are the most common additions in Toronto. Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their bungalow into a split-level house or a full two-storey house instead of building a custom home from scratch. Not only do you raise the value of your home, this option can create an enormous amount of space through additional bedrooms and storage areas, and while skylights are optional, they often sought out as well. A second floor home addition is a great choice when you are looking to create additional living space for a growing family while raising your home’s resale value.

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Garage Addition Options

The two most common garage-related additions are: a new space above an existing garage or a new garage. This is one of the least intrusive yet most valuable home additions you can make. If you choose to add an attached or detached garage to your property you also have many options. You can use it to park and store vehicles, or as extra storage space for your other belongings. Homeowners also have the option to build an above-garage area at the same time, providing them the same following benefits.

A garage addition that builds on your existing garage is an excellent investment with many uses and is perfect for Toronto homes with little room to expand outwards. This space can be used as an extra bedroom, additional storage space, or even a separate apartment to earn you rental income. This also enhances the front face of the house, making it look bigger, and raising your resale value.

Rear Home Additions

Another great way to enhance the space and value of your home is to add an addition onto the rear of the house. Many homeowners in Toronto prefer to simply install a wooden deck for the summer months, however, adding extra space to your kitchen, or living room can be a huge benefit to your home’s space and capacity. You also have the option of adding a room that can be used as a gym, library, or home office. Consider a rear home addition rather than deck space first, or think about a porch enclosure which could be used in both summer and winter.

The Luxor Experience

Our goal is to have your home addition meet all of your needs and your local safety guidelines at the same time. Therefore, careful planning is necessary prior to start your project. We work closely with you and the city to obtain the necessary permits and complete the proper paperwork needed to begin right from the start, and we keep you informed on what is going on. The planners, project managers, and architects at Luxor Development Group Inc. pride themselves on open communication. As a result, we always make sure that your home addition has a cohesive structural plan that aligns and integrate well with the house while staying in accordance with city guidelines; the ease of your project and your safety are our highest priorities.

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Other Home Additions Options

Your home is unique, and your needs are unique. We understand this, and we want to work with you to make your dreams come true. Therefore, we offer other home addition services, including:

  • Front home additions
  • Side additions
  • Split and side-split additions
  • Floor extensions
  • & More!

Choose Luxor Development Group Inc.

Our company has offered top-rated home additions services in Toronto and the GTA for over 20 years. We are your #1 home addition company, offering other renovation services such as complete full-scale home renovations, kitchen renovationbathroom remodeling, and more. We are insured, trusted, and always strive to create a better home living experience for every one of our clients. Contact our team today for a quick start on your home addition project; it all begins with your free consultation.

Serving all of Toronto, including Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Hamilton, Brampton, Scarborough and North York! Click here to read more about our 7-year Warranty and flexible financing options.

Home Additions FAQ’s

Does home addition require a permit?
Yes, all home additions require a permit. No matter the size or shape of your plan it requires its drawings approved by the city building department. You can find the appropriate city address and email address on your city’s website. For Toronto, this is on page 29 of the Toronto Building Permit Guide.
Should I sell my bungalow or add a second story addition?
You can add a second story addition to raise resale value, but the area you live in will determine if this is a good investment or not. In some cases, it may be better to sell your bungalow. Consult with an experienced renovation company to determine the best option for you.
How long does it take to do a home addition?
A typical home addition can take anywhere between 5 months and 10 months, including permit acquisition and negotiations with your contractors. This also depends on the size and complexity of the addition, the season you are working in, and second-story additions will usually take more time than ground-floor ones.
Do I need move out during a home addition?
You may need to move out during a second-floor home addition, or other complex additions according to your builder.If your home addition is just on the main floor then you usually do not have to move out.
Is there a warranty on home additions?
Yes, Luxor Development Group offers a warranty on home additions. Our contracts come with a 1-year warranty for finishing and a 7-year warranty for structural work.
What kind of trades do I need for a home addition?
You need at least a few trades to complete a home addition. It would be best to have a builder or a general contractor for your home addition, otherwise, you need to find different contractors for the framing, electrical work, plumbing, and more.
How long does it take to get a home addition permit?
It can take between 1 month and 3 months to get your home addition permit, but this differs from city to city. In Toronto, it can take between 5 and 20 days.
Are there any limits for house extensions?
Yes, there are limits for house extensions but they differ from city to city. There are requirements for height, roof alterations, and the height of the first floor above the established grade among other things. For more information refer to your local city bylaws (click here for City of Toronto), or consult with your builder.