A construction site manager supervises, oversees, and organises all aspects in a construction project. Also known as a construction project coordinator, the construction manager acts as a medium that facilitates communication between homeowners and subcontractors, architects, suppliers, and designers.

Luxor Development Group Inc. is a pioneer in construction site management in Toronto. We have the experience that makes us knowledgeable about the ins and outs of construction. From industry connections to obtaining building permits, Luxor Development has everything your construction project needs. Over the years, we have helped many homeowners in Toronto and the GTA achieve the house of their dreams with our dedication and commitment to our craft.

The Construction Site Management Process

construction site manager with a plan

The experts at Luxor Development know exactly what it takes to manage a construction site. We have specialised in construction for many years and can truthfully say we know everything there is about residential construction management.

Stage 1: Pre-Construction Management

The first step to any home renovation or addition project is to obtain a permit. A building permit is essential in the event any work is done to the structural walls of the property. However, municipal laws differ from one city to another. So, whether a construction job complies with building codes depends on the city you live in.

With Luxor Development, you don’t to worry because we want the building process to be as easy for homeowners as possible. We go the extra mile in assessing your construction blueprint and ensuring your permit application is fully ready for processing.

Bungalow Top Up Finished Exterior

Stage 2: Presenting Contractor Bids

As soon as your building permit is processed and approved, you will be choosing your team of workers. What we do as construction managers is presenting price estimates from three different contractors for each major construction step. Since we only work with the best of the best, you are sure to receive fantastic packages from our subcontractors.

We give our customers contractor quotes for each of the following steps depending on the type of construction job:

  • Demolition
  • Concrete work
  • House framing
  • Electrical work and lighting
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Drywall installation
  • Flooring

Choosing the right contractors can be a challenging task. What you should keep in mind when doing so is the contractor’s skill and reputation, their labour fees, and the quality of materials they use. Moreover, we will assist you in deciding the teams of contractors for your construction job with full transparency.

house construction in progress

Stage 3: Construction Management

The fact that the experts at Luxor Development simply manage a construction site guarantees full integrity and honesty in the work. We do not perform any labour onsite; we simply make sure every detail is finished to perfection.

Moreover, we establish a clear construction framework with defined procedures and practices to ensure that your home eventually meets and exceeds the specified quality requirements.

house renovation after

Stage 4: Post-Construction Management

Even though the construction is finished on the surface, it’s not the end of our job. One of our construction management responsibilities includes a thorough post-construction evaluation. After the work is done, we make sure every step is up to safety and industry standards. From initial construction phases all the way to post-construction cleanup, we take care of it all.

The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Manager

Most homeowners overlook the need to hire a site manager when they plan to renovate their house. However, hiring a construction management company to supervise your renovation project comes with many advantages:

✔ Point of Contact

A site manager acts as a point of contact between you and teams of contractors. Residential construction management spares you the trouble of mediating between different contacting companies. You also do not need to waste time and effort looking for the perfect contractor to finish your house because we connect you to the most professional contractors around. We have an impressive database of certified experts who will see the project to full completion.

With our supervision as construction managers, you are guaranteed the house of your dreams. Luxor Development is committed to your comfort and satisfaction. We are present during all stages of construction just to monitor your project.

✔ Save Money

A fantastic perk that comes with hiring a site manager is your ability to save plenty of money. With construction site management, labour productivity is our number one priority. We oversee the project during every step of the way to confirm maximum productivity. As a result, the job is finished according to schedule and you do not have to spend extra money in the event of a work hiccup.

Moreover, because we provide the best team of contractors, you will certainly avoid any future costly damages to your property. First and foremost, we tend to any existing problems in your property such as foundation cracks, plumbing defects, electrical inconsistencies, etc.

✔ One-Stop Solution

Many homeowners dread the process of having to coordinate between different contractors and subcontractors in a renovation project. Nonetheless, when you hire a site manager, you do not have to worry about that. We present you the best offers from the best contractors all in one go. Our work flow is seamless, swift, and done in unison.

Within a week of contacting Luxor Development, you will have all necessary quotes from top contractors in the industry. Save yourself the time and effort of seeking the perfect team and sign up for our construction site management services. You will be ready to move into your renovated property in a much more convenient time frame than if you were to manage teams of contractors and workers yourself.

At Luxor Development, we understand that a home addition or renovation project is a huge financial undertaking. We believe that every property owner deserves high-quality renovation work with reasonable prices. Working with us will give you just that!

Residential Construction Management in Toronto

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Before you embark on a home addition or home renovation project, give Luxor Development a call! We care about our customers and we will only give you the best rates and recommendations. With our outstanding site management expertise, your construction project will definitely go without a hitch. Check out our portfolio to see some of our amazing work in Toronto and the GTA or contact us for a free estimate here.

Construction Site Management FAQs

Is there a warranty with construction site management?

Our construction management warranty covers all labour done under the supervision of the site manager. We offer a 7-year warranty on all of our projects.

How much are construction management fees?

Our construction management fees vary from one project to another. The total fee depends on the size of the construction project and its complexity. Our fees are usually calculated on a weekly basis.

How does a construction manager resolve work disputes?

A good construction manager is able to resolve a problem onsite through adequate mediation.

Are progress reports generated and distributed regularly?

At Luxor Development, we keep everything on record by a rigorous process of documentation. The fact the we regularly monitor every element in the construction process ensures efficiency and transparency in in the work.