He was able to start basically the next Monday, he was really fast and on budget…
We were so happy when we moved in, everything was all done for us.
I would like to thank Mr. Mario, Thank you very much.

Daniel Goldstein

Aside for me doing all the electrical wiring and appliance hook up in the house, Luxor did it all. You guys are fantastic, especially for the care and support you’ve provided to my family in my own home. Pleasure working with you over the last 5 years. Looking forward.

Reza, The Electrician

Kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, basement finishing, second floor addition, deck design, landscape design. Thank you for all you’ve accomplished!

Amir K, Homeowner

He is always working for his customers… it’s never about which option will make his company the most money, but about which route is best for the customer

Eugene, Business Owner