Canada’s Housing Market 2019: Is Now the Best Time to Renovate?

House Exterior with new stucco

The Greater Toronto Area has seen unprecedented rises in prices of homes, condos, and property in the past years. Seemingly overnight, the average price of a home in the GTA has exceeded half a million dollars, according to Global News. As a result, homeowners are stuck in what been called a “housing gridlock” that has prevented moves and spurred a sudden growth in the interest in renovation. Canadians Invest More in Renovations In lieu of the events of the past few years, we’ve seen a steady increase in the rate that homeowners invest in home renovation. Recent 2019 polls suggested that…

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Best Time To Build, Buy or Sell a Custom Home

home model

Buying or selling a home is a big investment so one needs to take into account all the aspects for an ideal sale or purchase. Time of the year also plays a role in how much you’ll spend or gain from a property. Building your house from scratch is another option. Time when you initiate the project makes a big difference on the completion date. Let’s take a look at each opportunity (build, buy or sell) and the best time to make a start. Building a House Home remodeling or custom home building is not an everyday task and you…

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The Importance of Comparing Quotes for Your Upcoming Renovation

home renovations

As we may have mentioned in a few of our previous blog posts, it’s incredibly important to get a realistic estimate from your contractor before you undertake any home renovation, addition or remodeling project. While there is no set number for how many quotes you should get, the point of the matter is to receive a realistic estimate and prevent any unexpected surprises or costs along the way. To help facilitate your process, we’ve put together some tips on how you should go about selecting your contractor for your upcoming renovation, with the express intention of pointing you in our…

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Home in Toronto?

kitchen renovation with bar

So, What Are the Costs? Depending on the area of the house you are building, the features you install, and the materials you use, the costs of a custom home will vary. Generally, the costs to build a custom home are calculated in per square foot (sq. ft.), typically without land included. While the actual home builder will give you an estimate in sq. ft., they are not including building permits costs, architectural design and interior design, or construction and demolition fees. Hard costs and soft costs Hard Costs: These are the fixed costs such as trade contracts, which will…

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Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas You Won’t Want to Pass Over

lavatory design and build

Your bathroom is the one place used by all members of your family, which is why it’s such an important portion of your home. And as most homeowners realize, with constant use the necessity for comfort and practicality of the interior is a real and pressing matter. While not every person counts their bathrooms as the most important interiors of their home, the fact remains that this interior makes a huge impression, and is basically where your life begins and ends every day. For these reasons, and also because we know how important it is to be comfortable when you’re…

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Home Renovations with Value: 2018 Projections

building in development

After what has been a crazy couple of years, most people have accepted the current state of Toronto’s housing market with a sigh, and gone back to mining bitcoins. With foreign investment showing no sign of stopping and resale value still seeing upward trend, it’s just a matter of waiting out the next few years before the inevitable slump, or profiting while there’s still time and room for investment. All of this means it’s still good news for homeowners looking to invest in renovation, and resale. Even for homeowners unwilling to navigate these treacherous waters, home improvement holds solace and…

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5 Trends Home Buyers Can’t Get Enough

Main hall custom home

Home Fashions come and go as they please, and trends change within seconds. However, in the world of home décor and design, trends tend to stick around for a few years at a time. In the past few, we’ve seen a huge rise in bohemian and vintage inspired décor, and the influx of what women’s magazines have taken to calling “cottage chic,” and we’ve taken to calling “oh, antlers”. Some newer trends in the home design world, exterior and interior, have been making an impact. As your forefront experts in the home improvement industry, you can just about trust that…

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Why Quality Matters When Building High-End Custom Homes

house renovation after entrance

If you’re thinking of building a custom home, you already know that you need to hire the best company possible to make your dream a reality. Investing in a custom home, whether for living or for resale, is a means to secure financial freedom in the future. Your custom home should have everything you’ve dreamed of, your vision becoming a reality. For this reason, the quality of the process is of the utmost importance in ensuring that your expectations are fulfilled to the highest standards. Otherwise, what’s the point? So why does quality matter when building a custom home? Quality…

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The Benefits of a Custom Built Home

home renovations

You may be on the fence about whether or not you should custom build your own house. The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to finding a home builder for new constructions instead of purchasing a home that is already lived in and owned by another person. While luxurious custom homes can be more expensive up front, you will not be able to deny all of the great reasons why this is the perfect investment for you. You are going to be living in this home for a long time, so you want to be sure it…

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Saving Money on Your Renovation


There comes the point in every homeowner’s life where they realize that they need to invest in renovating the home. It does not matter whether you are making renovations to sell your home quicker or because the space is not working for your needs; whatever the reason is that you need to renovate your home, you want to find ways to save money on these costs. Home renovation services do tend to cost some money, but there are things that you can do to make every single cent count.

Renovations to Increase the Home’s Value

luxury home renovation bedroom

If this is your first home, you are likely planning to sell your home sometime in the future you are going to want to increase the value of your home, so you get more money from the sale and to make it sell quicker. The problem is that despite what you may think, not all home renovation and improvements add value to your home. This means that you really need to know where you should be investing your money to get the most out of your investment. If you are considering selling your home at any point, you need to…

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Great New Design Features for Your Kitchen

kitchen design

You have decided to take the home renovation and improvements plunge and are now looking into getting the kitchen of your dreams. If you are new to this, you may be overwhelmed with all of the information on this topic. There are terms that you may not be familiar with and it may make you feel a bit anxious about the project. Luckily, we are here to help you. We have over 20 years’ experience, serving as one of the leading custom home builder or renovation, and strives to make your dream home a reality. This experience has given us…

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