Best Time To Build, Buy or Sell a Custom Home

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Buying or selling a home is a big investment so one needs to take into account all the aspects for an ideal sale or purchase. Time of the year also plays a role in how much you’ll spend or gain from a property. Building your house from scratch is another option. Time when you initiate the project makes a big difference on the completion date. Let’s take a look at each opportunity (build, buy or sell) and the best time to make a start.

Building a House

buying home iconHome remodeling or custom home building is not an everyday task and you definitely keep aside enough money for the project to be completed matching your vision and time. Summer and spring are the best time of the year to remodel. It is also a busy time for contractors so you may want to consider starting work in fall so you don’t face trouble finding a contractor of your choice. Building a house in winters may seem improbable but some people prefer this time so the house is ready by spring for sale or to move in.

Buying a House

Studies indicate that winters are a good time to buy a house; as if a seller is willing to list a house during winters then he’s eager to sell now than wait until spring. It is also believed that sellers are more open to negotiation during winters either due to lesser offers or simply due to the holiday spirit when one is feeling more generous.

Selling a House

When you list your house on the market, you want to extract the maximum money for your property. Spring and summer are definitely the hot months for selling, as properties show better during this time. Another factor is that people with kids want to move during the summer holidays so that their kids’ school schedule remains unaffected.

Even with all the right information and statistics, one should buy, sell or build a house when they are ready and have the money to either make a down payment or finance a project and that could be summer, fall, winter or spring.