Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom interior with shower

One of the most popular projects homeowners seek is a bathroom renovation. The bathroom is considered a safe haven for many people, which is why they try to customize it to their convenience as much as possible. Bathrooms are also constantly subjected to moisture, making them susceptible to moulding, mildew, and overall deterioration. Frankly, any part of the house that uses water and some form of plumbing needs an upgrade every once in a while. For these reasons, we get a lot of customers who are interested in a bathroom renovation. Yet a common problem they usually have is not knowing where to start. To this end, we have compiled a few of our favourite bathroom renovation ideas that homeowners can learn from and implement in their bathroom remodelling project.

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Minimalist bathroom ideas

Modern bathroom interior designs are a style you can never go wrong with, and simplistic white-grey bathroom design has been trending for a few years. The use of natural patterns, black, white and grey patterns and large spaces creates a simple, distinct feel. It’s chic, it’s classic, and it’s timeless. Check out this renovated bathroom with its simple yet elegant white colour scheme. Makes the bathroom seem much more spacious, doesn’t it?

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A touch of nature

Even if you’re unlikely to include real wood or stone in your bathroom interior, you can always opt for imitation materials. Consider using natural greys and browns alongside coloured accents, and decorating with natural accents such as engineered wood bathroom cabinets or stone decal flooring. Bringing in bright accents such as plant life can add sophistication and colour to your interior. Opt for plants that thrive in moist, warm environments.

bathroom renovation - dark tones

Dark colours for your bathroom

Light pastels are usually the way to go in bathrooms, and that’s all tied to space. Bathrooms are not usually designed to be the biggest room in the house, so to make them seem bigger, interior design experts recommend lighter, cooler tones.

But if bathroom space isn’t an issue, there’s a big opportunity for you to be creative in the colour you choose for your bathroom. Darker colours give an air of elegance and extravagance. Black in bathrooms makes them look very expensive. It really is a million-dollar bathroom design idea.

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Warm colours are a great option

Bright, warm colours never go out of fashion. Combinations of yellow and white, or orange and white create a strong, warm and bright impression and relax the mood of the room. Use warm, unobtrusive and natural-toned colours for the most comforting environment.


Bathroom renovation materials: Ceramic

Ceramic has stood the test of time as one of the most durable and popular materials for bathrooms. The great things about ceramic are its resistance to moisture, its versatility, and its price.

You can also install ceramic vanity countertops, a ceramic bathtub, ceramic sinks, or even a ceramic tile backsplash. It really the best option for a variety of uses! It’s very affordable, too, making it a terrific choice for the average homeowner.

Now, porcelain is just as valid of an option as ceramic. It’s good for moisture and is quite versatile, but it can be a lot pricier. At the end of the day, it all boils down on your budget and how much you’re investing in your bathroom renovation.

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Wood surfaces in the bathroom

Similarly, wooden surfaces coated with water and moisture-proof finishes and antiseptic solutions allow for the use of natural wood materials in bathroom areas. A once thought impossible design feature allows designers to benefit from natural wood elements which will not have to be replaced within a few years.

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Installing bathroom mirrors

Mirrors in the bathroom are seen as a practical addition for your morning routine. Those mirrors are small and usually function as a front for the bathroom cabinet. However, many people miss the fact that installing a mirror in the bathroom can do wonders for its overall design.

Mirrors in any room in the house add a great deal of elegance. In the bathroom, specifically, installing a mirror can give the illusion of space and make your small bathroom seem bigger than it actually is.

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Small bathroom ideas

Many homeowners struggle with small bathroom ideas. When you’re dealing with limited space, it can be challenging to bring your interior design ideas to life. But don’t worry; there are a lot of options.

Aside from the ideas throughout the article, you can try the following:

  1. install a standing shower rather than a tub, preferably against one of the bathroom’s corners
  2. use multi-function pieces such as a vanity with drawers. It’s countertop space and storage space all in one!
  3. install wall-mounted storage such as shelves, towel racks, and hangers.

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Bathroom lighting

Potlights in the bathroom are a fantastic option because they provide the lighting you need and can be installed strategically around your bathroom ceiling. You can also install sconce lights that save space and add a design element to the bathroom.

If you get ready in the front of the bathroom mirror every morning, concentrate the lighting around and atop of it.

small bathroom renovation

A lot of homeowners want to add a window when they renovate their bathrooms for several reasons. Installing a window in the bathroom adds plenty of lighting to the area. It’s also good for ventilation and can bring in fresh air into the bathroom. There are plenty of options for bathroom windows, and the type of windows we install depends on the space you have and your renovation budget.

There you have them: our bathroom renovation ideas!

If you need assistance with your bathroom remodelling project, our team can provide you with some of the hottest bathroom designs. You may contact us anytime and we’ll offer you our best bathroom ideas. You may also browse our gallery to see some bathroom design inspirations.