Bathroom Renovation Design Ideas You Won’t Want to Pass Over

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Your bathroom is the one place used by all members of your family, which is why it’s such an important portion of your home. And as most homeowners realize, with constant use the necessity for comfort and practicality of the interior is a real and pressing matter. While not every person counts their bathrooms as the most important interiors of their home, the fact remains that this interior makes a huge impression, and is basically where your life begins and ends every day. For these reasons, and also because we know how important it is to be comfortable when you’re taking a deuce, we propose you take a look at our collection of bathroom renovation ideas, accumulated by Luxor Development over our many years of practice.  Take a look:

Minimalistic, strict and concise:

Modern bathroom interior designs are a style you can never go wrong with, and simplistic white-grey bathroom design has been trending for a few years. The use of natural patterns, black, white and grey patterns and large spaces create a simple, distinct feel. For an even more creative approach, take a look at this bathroom’s bare-bones fixtures, bold blue and white palate and exposed pipes.

Avoid sterility with natural accents:

Even if you’re unlikely to include real wood or stone in your bathroom interior, you can always opt for imitation materials. Consider using natural greys and browns alongside coloured accents, and decorating with natural accents such as wood grained cabinetry or stone decal flooring. Bringing in bright accents such as plant life can add sophistication and colour to your interior. Opt for plants which thrive in moist, warm environments.

Choose effective colour schemes:

We recommend darker, heavier tones which create dramatic interiors this season, which is a deviation from the soft pastel colours seen in the past two or so years. Dark blues and emeralds are particularly effective when mixed with the white on grey decoration schemes which have dominated interior design in recent time. Satiny, lustrous coloured textiles and effective metering of shades are particularly effective in creating tone heavy, modern interiors.

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Or, bring warmth back in:

Bright, warm colours never go out of fashion. Combinations of yellow and white, or orange and white create a strong, warm and bright impression and relax the mood of the room. Use warm, unobtrusive and natural toned colours for the most comforting environment.

Consider alternative materials:

No matter how far back in bathroom design history we go, there’s always been a pervasive trend of ceramic being used for everything from fixtures to tiles. As a durable and time-tested material, it’s versatility is ever improving in bathroom design as homeowners find ways to create new finishes, and mix paint with ceramic in colourful, decorative creations on the walls.

Alternative designs and trends have seen the rise of alternative materials being used in bathroom design. Waterproof plaster creates a similar look to concrete and is an impressive design accent in bare, minimalistic interiors. The use of natural stone, albeit a rather expensive investment, is also gaining momentum as a finish for sinks, pedestals and vanities. Artificial stone, or composite, creates the illusion of stone while maintaining a reasonable weight, and price.

Similarly, wooden surfaces coated with water and moisture proof finishes and antiseptic solutions allow for the use of natural wood materials in bathroom areas. A once thought impossible design feature allows designers to benefit from natural wood elements which will not have to be replaced within a few years.

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