5 Trends Home Buyers Can’t Get Enough

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Home Fashions come and go as they please, and trends change within seconds. However, in the world of home décor and design, trends tend to stick around for a few years at a time. In the past few, we’ve seen a huge rise in bohemian and vintage inspired décor, and the influx of what women’s magazines have taken to calling “cottage chic,” and we’ve taken to calling “oh, antlers”. Some newer trends in the home design world, exterior and interior, have been making an impact. As your forefront experts in the home improvement industry, you can just about trust that anything we think is interesting, is actually interesting. (We’re not showing off, we’re just confident in our abilities.) Take a look at these five home renovation and building trends we believe home buyers will be looking for in the next few years.

1. Smart Technology

Yeah, we know we’re a bit late to admit it, but somehow we never thought that speaking to your inanimate devices would ever catch on. Yet, it’s 2018 and here we are, asking Siri to find us a good pizza place within a 10-km radius on a daily basis. Funny world, isn’t it? Home automation is one of the quickest growing trends, and smart devices have grown to become an unshakeable force in the tech industry. New home automation such as smart thermostats, electric regulation and security systems are designed to save you on energy, make your life easier and your home safer. Many custom homes are being built with smart systems already implemented, and offer homeowners enhanced ease of regulation of everything from temperature to water use.

Every year, this technology is improving as companies roll out new technologies and create more uses.  We believe that in a few years, no home will be complete without a whole-house monitoring system, which incorporates all systems into a smart home entity we’ll be calling “Home” or “John” or “Glorious All-Knowing Ruler.”  (This is mostly a joke.) It’s just a matter of waiting to see which global conglomerate comes out with it first.

2. Green-Energy Optimization

The once unaffordable feature which was solar panelling and green energy is now a feature which can be quickly and easily installed in every new home. When building custom homes, more individuals invest in solar panels used to power portions, or all, of their home electronics and electrical fixtures. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, doors and windows and insulation are now commonly seen across all building sites. In fact, recent laws in Canada mandate a certain level of efficiency for all appliances and HVAC systems. So, we say; the greener the better. Get on board and save the environment, as well as money on your electrical bills!

3. Metallic and Pinks

In terms of interiors, décor has taken an…interesting turn towards the more eclectic. Where white, gray and black were big in modern décor, in recent months it’s been all about metallic accents and what we’ve all knowingly and lovingly come to call “millennial pink.” We don’t know if it’s named for the millennium, the millennials, or the fact that they just couldn’t come up with another name. What we do know is that it’s this year’s colour craze in addition to metallic accents and pastel decoration. We advise you to limit your decorating to mere accents, as style specialists suggest that the fad for pink will die down in the upcoming months.

4. Greenery and Nature

Yes, we know we already devoted a section to “eco-friendly décor” but we’re also referring to the impact natural materials have made in renovation and interior design. Natural elements, plant life and unrefined, unfinished wood are making an impact in the home renovation and building sphere as homeowners adopt traditional approaches to finding beauty in the natural, imperfect, and ordinary.

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5. Minimalism

Clean cut- modern designs and contemporary lines are taking over the vintage craze, and eliminating ornate, traditional influence. With geometric design, monochromatic décor and limited clutter, homeowners are creating open-concept interiors which limit the influence of accents and accessories, and draw the eye to design.

And yes, we know this isn’t a new idea in the slightest. However, we believe that the more we talk about a thing, the more popular it becomes. And we like minimal design too much not to talk about it.

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