Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is the quickest way to create new desirable spaces in your home. Not only the kitchen and bathroom are the most used spaces in your home, but they are also the most important factors that raise the value of your home. Ensuring that your kitchen and bathroom are remodeled and renovated to their fullest, Luxor Development Group is unlike any other renovation and remodeling company in Toronto.

Remodeling your Kitchen

Design and build your kitchen from scratch. Extend the kitchen with a brand new home addition. Or reformat the flow of traffic through the kitchen by changing its structure. Luxor Development Group has terrific opportunities for homeowners to recreate the kitchen they desire. Why not build a kitchen island and extend the counter space? By remodeling your kitchen, you practically build a brand new experience for your family and friends. New cabinets, new countertops, new flooring, new appliances, Luxor Development Group will help you achieve your goals in a cost effective way.

Remodel your Bathroom

If you always wanted to have a free standing bathtub right in the middle of your master bathroom but you never had a chance to do it because you thought it would be too hard, this is the time! Remodel your bathroom fully with Luxor Development Group today. Adding that one luxury bathtub or shower jets and Jacuzzi will not only create sensational experiences during each bath, but they will also enhance your hygiene and standard of living.

Luxor Development Group works with bathroom suppliers all across Toronto, ensuring that not only your bathroom is fully designed but also your products, using the best and the latest product releases. From bathtubs, to faucets, bathroom vanities and lighting fixtures, Luxor Development Group will remodel your bathroom and create a practical space that will exceed your expectations.