Luxor Development Group offers the best building experience when it comes to providing home additions in Toronto.  If your house is too small but you enjoy living in your current area, there’s no need to move into a new home. Add the extra bedroom you desire, or create an extended space for your kitchen and living room. Whichever space requirements you have, consider the following home addition options;

  • Rear house addition/back house addition
  • Front house addition/ Refacing front with addition
  • Side addition/ Extended sides
  • Second floor addition/ second story addition
  • Addition above garage/ Room addition
  • Split-level addition/ Extended Floor

Prior to beginning the design of your house addition, careful planning is necessary. The addition must align and integrate well with the house as well as structurally according to city guidelines. It is important to note that permits must be acquired in order for us to start working with major structural developments. Thus, Luxor Developments works closely with clients and the city, helping to proceed further into the addition project. Our goal is to have your house addition meet your requirements as well as safety guidelines.

Second floor additions

The most common required addition in Toronto are second floor additions. Going from a bungalow into a two full story house or split level is by far one of the most considerable investments home owners can make today, aside to building a custom home from scratch. A second floor addition is a great choice when looking to extend the space of your home. Not only homeowners raise the value of their home, they also add an enormous amount of space with additional bedrooms, en-suite bath, and walk-in closet area. Skylights are optional.

Addition above garage

Next to the second floor addition options available for many home owners across the GTA, addition above garage is a great way to add a room or two for the kids or incoming guests. An addition above garage also enhances the face front of the house, making it look bigger and worthy when placed on sale.

Rear house additions

A great way to enchant the space and value of your home is to create an addition into the rear of the house. Many homeowners in Toronto prefer to create the typical wooden deck at the back of the house, which is great on summer months. However, adding the extra space to your kitchen, living room, or adding a room that can be used for as gym, library, or home office can be extraordinary. So consider a home addition rather than that decking space first. If the space permits, both can be absolutely astonishing when we complete our addition work.

Luxor Developments offers Toronto great home addition services for over 20 years. Contact our team today and let’s start your home addition project. We are insured, trusted and we are looking to create a better home living experience for every one of our clients.